Mulanje Mountain - An Introduction

Jan 29

A few years ago I wrote a blog about our time in Malawi then. Now that I have resumed blogging rather than dispense with the previous written material I thought I would use some of the 'vintage' posts that are still useful. Some of what I wrote before is an introduction or was intended as part one of a series. We therefore may have some work that can be something upon which we can build.

In the meantime, let's go back to 2011.

We have just returned from a long weekend and three nights on Mulanje Mountain. Mulanje Mountain is the highest mountain in tropical southern Africa or the highest mountain in all of the band of countries running from Mozambique on the Indian Ocean over to Namibia and Angola on the Atlantic.

I have heard several people say that Mulanje is the third highest mountain in Africa. That is not true - it is far from that. Instead it is better to point out that it is one of the largest inselbergs (literally 'island mountains') in the world and the...

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Lake Malawi, a LLW flight stopover?

Jan 15

I have been asked by someone whether Lilongwe is a worthwhile stopover point on a return journey between Europe and South Africa. The idea is easy access to Lake Malawi from Kamuzu International airport in Lilongwe.

I’d rather not give a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to that question as the truth sometimes requires a bit of work. Surely the truth and nuances are friends? As this same potential visitor did say to me, sometimes when you dig a bit, you strike gold. Furthermore, why give one person a lengthy enough answer to do justice to the question when one can write something roughly similar for a blog post and therefore benefit a wider audience.

Let’s start off with some assumptions with regard to the situation of the potential stop-over visitor. The assumptions are as follows: 1/ the visitor has some inkling of the magic of the Lake of Stars, probably the best Lake in the world, 2/ the visitor has four nights to spare, 3/ they are interested in a backpacker style,...

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Kutchire Lodge

Dec 13

A few years ago a friend of mine told me that we were going to buy some land together by a National Park. We would have elephants on the lawn. There would be plenty of room for us to have seperate houses or cottages and all the necessary privacy.

He's the kind of guy who thinks, 'Look at this opportunity, I [or we] am [are] doing it.' When I ask him a question he always has a quick and clear answer, this is a useful trait for a friend to have.

I remember someone used to do impressions of me for a group of mutual friends. Eventually he was persuaded to allow me appreciate the same show. The impression involved a very long silence with someone contorting themselves into various poses all with something of 'The Thinker' air about them. Finally, with a Churchillian flourish I (or my impersonator), would deliver the kind of look that precedes a moment of momentous oratory.  Then finally I would deliver a grand total of one word: 'Yes' or 'No'.

Of course,...

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Understanding - How Lifestyle Affects Time

Nov 23

Blog Series on Time

1. Understanding - How Lifestyle Affects Time

This article will look mainly at the implications of the closeness of a community and the patters of interactions, as a way of understanding how people view time. The frequency of chance face to face encounters is significant.

How should someone new to or visiting Malawi cope with some of the differences between life in 'the west' and life in Malawi? Although relevant for visitors and tourists this is perhaps even more important for people who wish to work in Malawi. A lot of westerners who do work in Malawi come here for a short period of time to work on a project...

One difference that is often commented on is time.

My answer to the first question above, the first sentence in this blog post, is that the first thing to do when it comes to handling cultural or societal differences is to understand why there are differences. The reason for this is that if you understand why things are different your...

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Tags: Time, Culture

Transfers in Malawi

Nov 20


We have decided to add car transfers to our list of services on this website and I hope that this post helps to explain why it may be useful for some.

This has come about after various conversations with lodge owners and also visitors. A number of people have expressed the view that it has been quite difficult to find out in advance about getting from a to b within Malawi. Of course many people have contacts or organisations who assist them but others wish to make their own plans.

I was visiting Senga Bay last week and where I was staying there a visitor was telling me that he was flying out of the country the next day. Therefore he had arranged transport by car from Senga Bay to Lilongwe airport. His alternative would be to get a minibus from Senga Bay to Salima and then change there for another minibus to Lilongwe. Once in Lilongwe he would again have to change for the airport.

The next morning I got up early as the owner of the establishment had asked me to...

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