Enjoy Bushman's Baobabs - How and When

May 2

The location of Bushman’s Baobabs was selected by a Liwonde expert. It is found at a quiet junction of the great Shire River and a seasonal tributary river at Liwonde National Park.

Wildlife Sightings or Relaxation or….both
To decide how best you will appreciate Bushman’s Baobabs decide first which of the following is your objective. Do you aim to maximize wildlife sightings and your enjoyment of the views over the landscapes and the river or instead must you retreat to the bush to unwind and relax? The answer to that question may depend upon whether you have many opportunities to go on safari or whether you have a short window of opportunity. Firstly, let us get some background.

Liwonde National Park – What’s so Special?
Elephants and hippos are regular visitors to Bushman’s and numerous other forms of wildlife are in close proximity or can be seen from the elevated viewing platform at Bushman’s Baobabs. Liwonde’s wildlife area is one of the top bird-watching hotspots...

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Discovering Alcon Cottages

Apr 9

Sometimes it is by a chance conversation that we find a new place or person or idea. It was like that for me with Alcon Cottages, a setting in a secluded and picturesque bay on Lake Malawi’s southern lakeshore. Much traffic* rushes past on a main lakeshore road 2km from here as people turn off for Cape Maclear or proceed on to Monkey Bay. Areas north of here and areas to the south are quite well known but this corner of the lake lies largely undiscovered.**

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As I discovered from the owner this bay is largely known only to the private cottage owners who dot around the large beachside arc. With no other lodges or hotels, Alcon Cottages is perhaps the real opportunity to experience the views in this area.

Given that the ‘Calendar Lake’ is 365 miles long and 52 miles wide there certainly is huge variety on Lake Malawi. Many...

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Six Things to Appreciate at Nanchengwa Lodge

Mar 26


Sometimes it’s hard to know in advance where exactly one should visit on Lake Malawi, there are so many options. To help you decide we have put together six things to appreciate about Nanchengwa Lodge that could help you decide.

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1 - The Practical Location for your Itinerary

Lake Malawi is a huge lake but the idyllic Nanchengwa Lodge is within striking distance of some of Malawi’s premier attractions and main cities. This makes Nanchengwa a sensible stop on an ideal itinerary of Malawi. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast (Liwonde National Park) or someone looking to hike on beautiful mountains (Mulanje or Zomba) then Nanchengwa is only one step away as you proceed from a to b to c. Furthermore, if you are starting at either of the two main cities or their airports then Nanchengwa is again only one stop away.

Most of Lake Malawi’s length is too far from most of these previous stops. Consider how long Lake Malawi is… If you...

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