We are a small UK company that helps international visitors find the best contacts and advice in Malawi. With relationships going back over four decades we aim to provide a personal, professional and reliable service. Our Malawian partners are the best people for the services that we offer and we want to ensure that you have the right people working with you to achieve your objectives.



Douglas S Taylor 3

Douglas Taylor

Raised in Malawi until he was 12, Douglas returned in 2012 to settle here with his family. His love of Malawi and its natural beauty is at the core of the business. We aim to help others experience Malawi and her people. Our aim is to put visitors to Malawi in touch with local businesses.



Prof Silas Ncozana, Bruessow Investments, Rev M Kadawati, AuditPlus, Blantyre Synod, Chichewa teachers.



Eastern and Southern Africa
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Company Number: SC412444
UK Address: Chestney House, Market Street
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. KY16 9PF.
UK Phone Number: 01333 771 313

Key Partners


Prof. Silas Ncozana

Primary Malawian partner

Professor Ncozana is a former General Secretary of Blantyre Synod, Chaplain to the Malawi State President, Ambassador to Germany and Principal of Zomba Theological College. He combines a practical, friendly and personal approach with extensive international and Malawian experience in various sectors. Professor Ncozana oversees the links to ESAfrican's Malawian partners.




Joseph Ndovi

Business and Finance

Mr Ndovi is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and runs the AuditPlus accounting practice in Blantyre, Malawi. He was formerly with BDO International and Graeme Carr Associates, where he qualified as an accountant in 1997. Joseph has extensive experience in the business community in Blantyre especially in the areas of audit, accounting, taxation and business advice. Joseph has a young family and is a keen gardener. Joseph oversees and advises on contacts in the business and finance sectors in Malawi.