Visitor Travel Options in Malawi

Feb 5

Travelling in Malawi can be rewarding for the visitor, it can also present it’s own challenges. If one of the attractions of travel is to appreciate the variety of life in different places (vive la différence), then the challenge can be part of the attraction. The scenery is without question, one of the benefits.

Unfortunately, a fully comprehensive work of art, or written guide to travel in Malawi, is much more work than just one blog post. So, for this post I will try to content myself with an introduction to different forms of travel. Furthermore, I will try to focus more on the issue of travel, for the visitor, rather than travel issues faced by a resident.

I have had some interesting conversations recently with visitors, and lodge owners, on this subject. Some of the challenges seem to be to do with finding out information in advance of the trip and others are to do with costs and the unexpected. Some unexpected occurrences are entirely innocent but could...

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