Nov 9


Here is a post I wrote last week when it was 'cold'. It is in fact warm this week..

Now the purpose of my post, in a round about kind of way...was to show that the weather is generally excellent, and that the evidence for that is that there are few oppressively hot days in the hot season (and there are even cool days). The cool season is also pleasant.

So, now let's get onto last week's post (below).

Today and yesterday’s weather has reminded me of a conversation I had with a longtime Blantyre expat. We discussed various things in the past but both being British (he’s Welsh when the rugby’s on), we did once talk about the weather (or, to be precise, the climate in Blantyre).

Anyway, he put to me a suggestion previously mentioned to him by, I think, an expert in the field. The suggestion was that Blantyre has the best climate in the whole world. He was being serious. That is the kind of strong statement that can make someone, especially someone like me, think,...

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