MW Chevrolet 2008

Seats: 4
Luggage Space: Small

This driver can also be booked per day at the following cost.
Rate per day: US$51.75
Rate per km: US$0.14
These rates exclude the fuel costs.
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Most vehicles and drivers are available for either a single one-way transfer or to remain with you.

If you select a car and driver for a one-way journey then the price you pay is inclusive of fuel.

If however you select a driver on a per day basis then unless stated otherwise the costs you incur are (i) price per day (which includes all of the driver costs), (ii) price per km and ( iii) fuel. Therefore the price that you pay will vary depending on the car / driver option that you select, the number of days and the total distance that you travel.
Standard Journeys Available: Price (US$)
Cape MaclearUS$207
Senga BayUS$115
Zambian BorderUS$115